Our Estate

EstateA cottage written about and photographed, featured in magazines and home tours is, once again, transformed by owners Eric Guenther and Daviell Maldonado, proprietors of Whim in San Juan, into a showcase home. This house, an original 1929 Doheny, was made famous by legendary antiquarian Gep Durenberger that, during his stay, became part of his three lot acquisition and garden complex with the added “folie.”

This charming cottage has its original kitchen and bath, a bedroom converted from a garage and interior room that was once an open court. The owners use it as a guest house and the central room, enhanced with a skylight, is the office of designer Eric. The living room is a lush garden of rich and tasteful fabrics, and elegant furniture and furnishings that enhance the old windows, floors, and doors installed by the famous Durenberger. A pool outside the bedroom French doors adds an air of grandeur. Planters and sculptures throughout lead down the garden path to a hideaway house and, further on, a bird-filled aviary. Behind the cottage is also a secret garden.

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