About Us

Whim and Studio Pink are located in the Mission district of San Juan Capistrano. Our specialty lies in creating beautiful home
décor and professional timeless design. From international travels to local artisans; we have carefully curated a well-edited
array of traditional and contemporary design classics and gifts.

Our sophisticated collections include fine furnishings & antiques, lighting, home accessories, fine rugs, original art,
fine jewelry, books, luxury candles, and outdoor garden décor.

Eric Guenther

Eric Guenther

As a young boy, Eric developed his interest in “all things design” from his childhood
vacations to his grandmother’s home in New York City; where his doting European
grandmother tutored him in the aesthetics of fine living, architecture, design, fine art,
and travel. Under his grandmother’s tutelage in those early years, Guenther’s passion
for architecture and design grew. He knew his future lied within the arts, design and
architecture. At 20 years old, Eric followed his dream and embarked on a career in the
interior design industry.

In 2002, after 17 years as a successful design director at the upscale Glabmans’
Furniture and Interior Design store, Guenther established his own firm, Studio Pink.

To date, his work includes both large and small scale custom residential projects. His
portfolio consists of projects located on the East coast, West coast, Indonesia, Hong
Kong and the Hawaiian Islands.

Daviell Maldonado

Daviell Maldonado

Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, by parents rich in heritage, Daviell was
exposed early in life to the arts, cultures, and travel. At age 12, he found his gift
was in the field of creative arts. He became an apprentice at his family’s
exclusive jewelry store; where he remained for the next 11 years.

As he grew into a gifted jeweler, he followed his interest in cultures and jewelry
design and moved to Italy where he spent 4 years studying under an Italian
master Craftsman. Upon returning to the United States, he earned a degree in
Gemology from the Gemology Institute of America and an additional certification
from Revere Academy of Jewelry.

In 2003, he and Eric Guenther, co-founded their exclusive home store,